Monday, 28 September 2009

Sigma Fun Day at Craigellachie

Well the local school I was going to visit on Friday decided that they didn't have the time for me to visit them. That suited me just fine as I was pretty low on energy anyway. On top of that, we had minimum night time temperatures of 15deg C so the dry ice for the comet making demos on the Saturday was disappearing fast and our freezer was pretty full. I lost so much dry ice overnight on Thursday/Friday that I managed to cram what was left into the middle of the freezer so by Saturday morning I had enough left for one comet at least.
Saturday was a roasting hot day, for late September anyway so the brilliant weather, combined with a whisky festival in nearby Aberlour and the fun and games at the Dufftown Pipe Band's 60th birthday party just a few miles in the other direction meant that we didn't have much of a turnout for the afternoon session. Disappointing, especially for Karen who had put so much effort into the publicity of our event.
My comet making demo was a bit of a disaster as the comet wouldn't stick to make one big lump but the kids enjoyed it.
They certainly enjoyed the rocket workshop, most of them spent the afternoon launching, modifying and launching their rockets again and again.
I was totally exhausted so I had to go home at 6pm and missed the evening observing session. About 20 people turned up and all had a great time in clear skies...and it was warm!!

Pics from Pete.

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