Thursday, 3 September 2009

Had a fabulous drive from Forres to Gill's Bay in Caithness yesterday, then across the Pentland Firth in the new catamaran ferry, the Pentalina. Very comfortable and excellent bacon rolls, boat wallowed a bit as it came out into the Pentland Firth.
Orkney is famous for it's fish but last night, I had the worse fish and chips I have ever had, in an hotel in Kirkwall, better not say which one.
Flew across to North Ronaldsay this afternoon in a Britten Norman Islander, smallest plane I've ever been in but just like a trip in a bus to Orcadians. Surprised how noisy it was but I suppose I was only 5 feet away from two engines. Cloudy coming into N. Ronaldsay but good views for the first part of the trip to Papa Westray.
In Kirkwall, we sat on the runway while the pilot revved up the engines, then he let off the brakes and away we went. On Papa, he taxied up to the end of the runway, swung the plane round and just let rip!
Rain started about noon and it is here until the morning at least so no chance of a look at the sky after my talk on binocular astronomy tonight, what's new.
As I sat down on the plane, the lady behind me asked if I was doing the talk tonight, she had spotted the laptop!
Rain has suddenly got heavier and is lashing against the windows of the Bird Observatory conservatory. Really comfortable place with very friendly, helpful people.
Looks like it will be windy tomorrow so let's hope it is dry.

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