Monday, 31 August 2009

Off to Orkney for the Science Festival on Wednesday.
Looks like a busy week, talk on Binocular Astronomy in North Ronaldsay on Thursday night, visit to the primary school on Friday, then fly back to Kirkwall on Friday evening.
Looking forward to seeing some birds I've never seen before on their autumn migration. They have had orcas there for the last few days. they aren't birds though, they are killer whales.
Family Day in Kirkwall on Saturday then for most of the day on Monday, I'll be using Hubble's data from pre-war days to find the age of the universe.
On Tuesday, I'm doing a talk on the Moon at the Picky Centre in Kirkwall at 11am.
Hoping to see some of my old friends from my university days, guys I haven't seen for 40 years, should be interesting.
Home on the Thursday, hope the wind doesn't blow too hard.