Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Around the bird observatory

Too windy to see many birds but the views of the seals were great.
There were hundreds of Turnstones on the grassy area around the lighthouse. The stones along the shore were all flat discs, anything from 6 to 12" in diameter so they had no chance of turning them over! I did see one turning over a small stone on the grassy area.
As I was having breakfast in the bird observatory, three grey herons flew in. Must be quite unusual as they got a mention in the observatory blog.
I spent a while cowering down behind a wall beside Hooking Loch. Saw a Little Grebe, a Whooper Swan which had been there all summer with a damaged wing and quite a few Snipe flying around.
Pity it was so windy as we might have seen some mist netting if it had been calmer.
There were some large crows flying about but I could never see them well enough to say that they were Ravens. As I was driving out of the car park at Kirkwall Airport, a Raven flew right across in front of me. Bet you don't see that from many airport car parks.
I saw just one Hen Harrier, a female flew in front of the car as I was leaving an old friends house at the Brough of Birsay.

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